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Nov 20, 2013

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

I have been an avid reader of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for several years now, since back in the good ol' days when it was a print magazine.  Always enjoyable, it's now an easily searchable digital magazine, available on smartphones, tablets, and the computer.

A hefty 180 pages, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine November/December issue, is full of well-written articles on many topics related to homeschooling.  I really appreciate the obvious love and care that went into this issue.  I savored the pages while discovering the gem regarding the real celebration of Christmas in Deborah Wuehler's encouraging editorial, Having a Holiday Heart: Seven Reasons to Celebrate (Even if you don't feel like it).  This issue also contains a list of the 2013 Excellence in Education Awards, a compilation of the best, most recommended curricula and products from over 1,700 survey respondents.  Malia Russell's article, Teaching Children to Serve, is timely for us, as I've just been thinking of ways to help the boys understand that others have needs greater than our own.  I realized that, while packing shoeboxes is grand, it was time for us to find other ways to serve and I would need to give deeper explanations to my growing boys.

Homeschooling parents and students will be blessed by reading this magazine.  The diverse articles are there to help with planning your child's education and encouraging you on the journey.  Many interesting articles will educate not only your students, but you as well.  You'll find part two of a Study of the Fifth Amendment in this issue. The Little House Legacy series has been a pleasure to read with my Littles, especially since we've visited Almonzo Wilder's boyhood home in New York and had recently finished reading Farmer Boy

Each issue's cover features a beautiful old schoolhouse in like-new glory.  This cover is no different.  The Lindley Murray Schoolhouse in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, not too far from my "back home."  I want to visit that school.  I wish I had *attended* that school.  It's warm and inviting, and certainly nothing like I'm used to thinking of as "school."  But then, homeschool is nothing I ever dreamed of as a student.

Ads are plentiful, but all fitting in a homeschooling magazine.  They are clickable and many advertisers offer discount codes in their promotion.

I like having the Old Schoolhouse Magazine on my iDaughter.  It's nice having it handy whenever I have a few minutes of quiet (HA!) to take a quick look and read something uplifting and encouraging on this homeschool journey.  You can get The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for tablets and smartphones here.  You can bookmark or download articles, and even forward or share them, using Facebook, Twitter, or email.  Best of all, the digital editions are completely FREE.  You can't beat that!  If, however, like me you also like to hold a real, paper copy in your hands, you can purchase the annual print edition.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew has graciously allowed me to review the current The Old Schoolhouse Magazine issue for them. 

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