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Sep 25, 2010

Walk Like the Animals Class

Yesterday we had our second Christian Friday School of the year. So far in Walk Like the Animals we've talked about crabs and elephants.

Did you know a crab's teeth are in its stomach? Or that elephants walk on their toes? It's all true and we have lots more fun ahead of us with giraffes and honeybees and who-knows-what all else.

Some things I've learned about the children in my class so far; they prefer to have a craft over a game, they know an awful lot about animals already and, on average, it takes two of them to weigh about as much as an elephant poops in one day (80 pounds). Yup. Important stuff to know.

Judging by the look on Tahny's face yesterday, she may have preferred to remain blissfully ignorant of that last bit of information. :)

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