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Sep 11, 2010

Old McDonald at the Fair

We went to the fair last Friday with Christian Friday School, our co-op. We had a great time. The worst of the heat was over, though I admit it was still pretty warm.The littles actually rode a couple of rides. That was pretty much unheard of before we did the Roller Coasters unit. They enjoyed a train ride and the dizzy dragons. Mal actually wanted to go on this crazy bullet train loop thing! Thankfully, he was too short! *breathes sigh of relief* That buys me a couple years before I need to worry about that ride again!We saw a ton of animals and learned all kinds of things. For instance, rabbit babies are called kittens. Who knew?

Just a few of the animals we saw:

Scottish Highland Cattle, momma with twins (only one visible in this photo). Isn't she beautiful? They're from a farm called Shat Acres. Yes, sir. They are.See you at my place on Thanksgiving, Tom.My rabbit and tiger photos are missing. Interesting and confusing. I wonder what else isn't in the camera. Tricky technological gizmoes.

I also sampled a "delicious" frappe from McD's. OK, I am sorry if I offend anyone, but that stuff is disgusting! So bitter. So gross. So coffee-like. P-tooie.

I thought it was pretty clever to put this display right next to the First Aid trailer. Mm-hmmm, yep, I did.
Thanks CFS! We had a great time!

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