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Jul 29, 2017

W is for Water Park

Why, yes.  Yes I am still working on my ABCs.  Just a few more to go! 

My mother-in-law gave us some money to do *something* with.  (Don't you love when Grandma's do that?)  So we got passes for the boys to a water park.  Well, it's way more than that, but that's mostly all we use it for.  We have so much fun when we go, but the weather hasn't been great this summer.  If it isn't cold, it's been raining or thundering.  Or all of the above!  If summer actually arrives in August, we are ready!

There are some dry spaces we can access when it isn't pool weather.

Some odd things to explore.

And pool space for every age.  Even Merrick and I have gone down this insane slide!

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