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Jul 21, 2016

Recipe - Green Beans

I'd never heard of southern green beans, but I was surfing the web for a yummy green bean recipe when I came across this one on  Southern green beans also, apparently, are made with potatoes and BACON.  I can handle that!

Since the full, actual recipe is at the link above, I won't put it here.  I can tell you that I cooked the beans a bit longer.  Micah doesn't like them too crisp.  Also, I like very crisp bacon.  I didn't add it back in while things were cooking because I didn't want it to get soggy.  I cooked most everything else just like the recipe suggested and then added the bacon back in at the last minute.  I'm a little leery of vinegar for some reason.  I was never one to eat it on fries or potato chips.  However, it really gives this dish a nice flavor.

Southern Green Beans is a keeper, for sure.

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