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Jul 12, 2016

Funny Find - Sign Edition

Vermont boasts some odd signage.  I don't mean the kind people hand write with spelling and grammar errors, though we have those, too.  I mean official road signage.  This sign is near a very tiny bridge.  I'm guessing the point of it is a sort of "slow down or you will flip your car."  I tend to look at it and see "Don't stand on overturned vehicles." or "Don't play teeter totter on overturned cars."  Also, the people appear to be wearing graduation gowns and caps with tassels.  My guess is something tragic happened here and another one of Vermont's unfortunate signs were placed there, but I'm not exactly 100% sure with this one.


Heather said...

OH, my gosh!! You're right, those are caps and gowns. What?! lol

zekesmom10 said...

It's so weird, Heather! People on the overturned car was weird enough. But the clothes?!