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Aug 6, 2014

Week in Review 7/6/14

Pooped on the potty!  (Hey, it's exciting to me.)

    What I am up to…

Mom visited this week.
...We did some shopping.  I had to laugh at the J.K. Rowling sign.  If she uses a pseudonym, isn't that sort of secretive?  Why use one and then have the author's real name on the sign larger than the fake name?  *shrug*  Love me some Grumpy Cat.  The boys figured out how the drinking bird worked pretty quickly.  <3 br="">

... I took her out for frozen yogurt at Yogurt City.  Of course it was healthy.  That's low-fat granola or something.

...We had an iced tea party.  It was a gorgeous day.  A friend came over and the boys got dressed nicely.  They got to practice manners and we all ate yummy treats.

    What Dad is up to...
Micah pranked Mal and Xav.  They have a lullaby CD they have listened to since Mal was an infant.  Dad had the forethought to save the songs on his computer in case the CD got ruined.  Well, that has happened a couple of times in the 9+ years we've had it.  We finally watched The Lego Movie last week.  Micah enjoys belting out "everything is awesome" at random times to aggravate Xav.  This week, he recorded a special version of the lullaby CD with Everything is Awesome in track three.  Then we stood outside their bedroom, ears pressed to the wall... listening.  

Xav:  "Daaaaaaad!"  He rushes to the door and finds us standing there.  "I knew you did it!  Only *you* have the ability to do such a thing!   

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