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Aug 22, 2014

Happy Kids Songs ~ A Musical Revue{w}

Don MacMannis, PhD, or Dr. Mac, is a psychologist, singer, songwriter, and author.  He and his music have won many awards.  Dr. Mac, along with Brian Mann and a host of musicians, adult and child singers have brought us character and manners training through music.  His Happy Kids Songs allowed bloggers from the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review three of their albums; Friends & Sharing, Manners & Character, and Happiness & Attitude, and the Happy Kids Songs Workbook.

Happy Kids Songs Review
Happy Kids Songs is eight award winning albums chock full of fun music.  This isn't the usual kid's music with children shouting lyrics.  Let's face it, unless it's your kid screeching out of tune, no one enjoys those albums.  The singers on these albums are all quite good and the accompaniment ranges from mellow to fun pop-type tunes to sort of rap-like, and country.  The lyrics are appropriate for all ages.  The songs were written for 4-9 year old kids.  The music and catchy tunes aid in memorization of the material.

Happy Kids Songs Review

Album 1: Friends & Sharing
Themes: How to be a friend, how to make friends, and being happy with our friends.
  • Sailing on the Seven Cs - This one is super catchy.  We were singing the chorus the first time we listened.  You'll learn the seven C ingredients to friendship; communication, cooperation, concern, and so on.
  • Everybody Wants to Find a Friend - Learn how to approach a potential new friend.
  • Sharing Friends - How to enjoy time with a friend and another friend.  Together.
  • Happy as Happy Can Be - Things that go together.
  • Together - Friends 'til the end and not wanting to end playtime.

Happy Kids Songs Review

Album 6: Manners & Character
Themes: Being honest, celebrating differences.
  • H O N E S T Y - This is another especially catchy tune that I was singing along to the second time I heard it.  I was doing dishes and Xav sat at the table playing Legos while we belted out the chorus.
  • The Magic Word - It's not abracadabra! 
  • Quirks - A quirky little song about the weird things people do.  Being understanding about habits and tics.
  • The Golden Rule
  • Six Little Kids - The story about six people who had never seen an elephant.  Is it a rope?  A wall?  A hose?  Differing points of view can be different without being wrong.

Happy Kids Songs Review

Album 7: Happiness & Attitude
Themes: Thinking positively, being kind.
  • Shake It Out and Dance - Think you can't?  Well, you *can*!
  • Who Knows What's a Kudos? - It's something that's nice and  something that's true.  I love this one!  It's a really catchy, upbeat tune.  We just bought an I Like Book for each of the boys which ties in with this song.  Each night we think of something nice and true for each of the yahoos and write it in their books.
  • I Don't Understand - I love the tune, but I really don't understand how this one fits in.  And I'm not making a joke!  LOL
  • Be Good To Yourself - Great message in this one about being kind to everyone, including yourself.  {{Love}}
  • Better Together - It's OK to play alone, but it's better with you!

The other albums available are
  • Social Skills & Bullying
  • Feelings & Fears
  • Practice & Success
  • Talking & Listening
  • Respect & Responsibility

Download songs for 99cents each or purchase albums for $4.95 each.

Happy Kids Songs Review
I also received a print copy of the Happy Kids Songs Workbook.  The lyrics for all the songs and an activity (drawing, coloring pages, questions, word search and other puzzles) for each one.  The back half of the book is full of activities for each of the themes.  I plan to use a few of the getting to know you type activities with my co-op class, as well as the crafts and other ideas at home.  You can download the lyrics and activities workbook free of charge.  The print edition is available for purchase and is reproducible.

Xav drew a boy in a hot air balloon visiting his friend's house.  The very next day, we drove under one.

The 8.5x11" softcover book is currently $12.56.

Let's face it, we all know I am a technophobe.  Thankfully, I'm married to a geek.  Micah extracted the songs from the zip file, moved them to iTunes, and put them on my phone.  With the songs on the phone, we can listen in the house or when we're out and about in the car.

Sign up for the mailing list and receive the free song of the month plus dozens of coloring and activity pages and lyrics.

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