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May 29, 2014

E is for Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm means feeling intense enjoyment, eagerness, energy, passion.

Enthusiasm is NOT apathy, disinterest, coldness.

Enthusiasm is one of the word studies I managed to complete last fall, so I looked back on my notes from that.  I found this great post about being full of God.  "So practice enthusiasm. Stop saying the depressing things. Stop saying the discouraging things, the hateful things, the negative things, the critical things. Think enthusiasm! Talk it, live it, pray it, act it! And you will keep enthusiasm going for you every day."  I really enjoyed it and I pray you will read it as well. 

My self talk has overflowed my brain and runs out of my mouth.  It isn't pretty.

Lord, place your hand over my mouth.  Support me when I am weak.  May my family be blessed by my actions and words.  Amen.

Ben and Me

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