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Apr 5, 2014

THMJ Week of 3/16/14

Happy St. Patty's Day!

    In my life this week…
Spring came this week.  Couldn't tell it here.
I had a 36ish-hour tummy bug with fever.  Not a single other person got it.  And I'm glad.
We finally saw Frozen.
Fun mail arrived this week.  Even though I can read it free online, I'm so glad for a print yearbook.

    In our homeschool this week…
For some reason it became Circus Week at our house.  Xav mentioned wanting to go to a circus and he thought he could just walk in and perform with them.  He was very upset to find out you had to actually train to be a clown.  "Clown College?!  I don't want to go to school!"  So, we watched a real circus on TV and Xav and his stuffed animals put on several "humorous" *ahem* shows for us.

    What we're reading... 
Daddy is reading The Great Brain to us.

    A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…
Thought this screen shot from Frozen was hilarious!  But then, I am a boy mom.

What else?
Merrick sent Miss Cindy birthday wishes on her envelope.

Someone got a ticket (not me) for no inspection on a vehicle (mine).  In NY, the inspection sticker is in the lower left corner.  You see it every time you get in the car and the hole punch makes it perfectly obvious when it's due again.  In Vermont, the sticker is hidden behind the mirror.  Out of sight, out of mind.

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