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Jul 18, 2013

(Trying to) Make Math Fun

I've acquired something similar to  cuisenaire rods.  I think they're from Mortensen Math.  They seem pretty similar, but I think just the colors are different.  I also picked up a couple of books with ideas for introducing children to the rods.  A lot of the beginning ideas are just about having fun and familiarizing them with the tools.  Here are some pictures from the first few times we got them out.  I get asked pretty regularly to "play" math rods.  If Merrick is asleep, I'm happy to let them.  Those tiny little single units are too small for that punk.

Free Play

Building clowns


I love that they each built in a different direction.

Building upwards

We've used the rods for adding, subtracting, greater than/less than/equal to, and fractions as well.  I really like them and that the boys enjoy using them too.

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