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Mar 5, 2013

School Stuff

Our first day of co-op last September.  Merrick was less than impressed with being woken up and dressed to go play in the nursery. 

Malachi really enjoys reading.  He likes to borrow our kindles and read ebooks.

We made a pinata for Micah to take to the end of season trail run party.  Half way through the summer, they started getting attacked by wasps (or hornets, or whatever.  I have learned not to call stinging insects by the generic term "bee" or Micah will explain the difference to me. *wink*).  I thought the pinata would be a fun way for the runners to get even.

Xav is sometimes so fun to do math with.  That kid is like a sponge when we "do school."  The picture on the upper right is two mosquitoes.  You can tell by the proboscides.

We saw a Curious George episode (ugh!) where George made a nifty hat with all kinds of gadgets on it.  Xav made one that dispenses raisins.

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