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Sep 16, 2012

Summer Science Experiments

The boys and I have been experimenting some this summer. 

This one involved putting a stalk of celery in colored water.  We chose red, hoping for big contrast.  It was supposed to happen over night.  After a disappointing result the first morning, M had the idea to put it in more direct sun to speed things up.  It worked much better, but still wasn't the "wow" I was hoping for.

Here we put blue and yellow food coloring in the bowls, used a folded paper towel as a wick and soon had green water in the third bowl.  This one was quick and easy and worked very well.

We also did three others where I completely forgot to take pictures. 

One was about condensation and involved ice and salt in a metal bowl with a lid.  We talked about the ice on the outside of the bowl and how it got there.  The boys thought the water was leaking through the bowl at first.

A major fail was the experiment where we tried to grow a gummy bear.  We soaked fruit chews over night in plain water.  There was, of course, supposed to be some expansion.  I think regular fruit chews are moister than a good old fashioned gummy bear and didn't expand so much as disintegrate.

Lastly, was an experiment called Invisible Skin.  We coated our hands with a few drops of vegetable oil and compared how the water acted compared to just a plain hand.  We learned about water molecules and that polar bears have an oily coating that acts as a protective layer against very cold water.

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