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Sep 7, 2012

July - Thomas? Is it really you?

We spent a good deal of the month dealing with thrush, so Merrick had a purple mouth and hands.  Little, old ladies would see him and comment about me feeding him blueberries.  I'd just smile and nod. 

We went to NH again to visit our favorite family from Canadialand.  We had a great time.  I had some grown up refreshment with Heather, the boys enjoyed the playground and pool at the hotel.  Of course, we had to do some shopping at the outlet stores too!  It didn't hurt that *THE Thomas the Tank Engine,* his very own self, was seen on the track behind the hotel.

As one friend said, "That's a lot of boys!" 

The boys wrote thank you letters to Mat and Jen for allowing them to play with their model train when we stopped there.

Mal helped with groceries and even wrote a list for me.

This is Mal waiting patiently for 5 PM so he could do something with Daddy.  {LOVE}

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