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Jan 7, 2011


Note to self: When you have a headache and a boy says, "I saw a movie behind the TV" take note of where the corner of the clock is hanging as you reach for said movie. When you smash the top of your skull on the bottom corner of the clock and you crumple to the floor in pain, be careful not to fall into the wall, hitting your shoulder and your head again.

I decided to cry, even though I'm the mom. Xavier shouted, "Let's get out of here, run Mal!" (Thanks Xav!) Mal ran alright and I hear *crash* *bang* *slam*! Mal got the first aid kit and wanted to put "lotion" and a band-aid on my owie. Thankfully, he couldn't find the ointment. I was so excited that he was having this moment of empathy, I let him put a smiley face band-aid in my hair. I love that kid!

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