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Dec 10, 2010

December Storms

You got a glimpse of our Wind storm in this post. We actually lost power from around noon on Wednesday to 5PM on Friday. We also didn't have any phone until Tuesday.

I was pretty nervous about the trees by the house, though thankfully they all fell away from our home. I called Micah at work after the first few trees fell, just to give him a heads up and let him know we'd be in the basement with candles and the woodstove. I was on my cell phone with Colleen when the broken tree fell over. That was frightening and the boys and I skedaddled ourselves to the basement.The neighbors had some trouble too.
We don't get very good cell service in the house, but I found I could text if I held the phone to the window. My only connection to the outside world. We ended up losing many more trees (even a maple).We were barely up and running after that when we got the snow storm. Over two days or so, about 3 feet fell. The littles loved the light, fluffy stuff until Mal realized it wasn't good for sledding when it's that deep. Things are back to normal around here for now. At least as normal as they get. :)

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