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Dec 14, 2010

December Bounty

So, I headed out to the garden the other day to get us some carrots to go with my roast. Yummy. First, I trudged through about a foot of snow (that's what the three feet we got had compacted down to). I had to shovel the snow in front of the garden gate. Then shoveled the snow off the raised carrot bed. Then I realized I needed a real shovel for the soil. So I shoveled in front of the barn door so I could get a "real shovel". Trekking back to the garden, I almost absent-mindedly walked between the downed maple tree and the fence. That would have been wet. The hole is surprisingly deep and had filled immediately with water. Whew! Made it back to the carrot bed. Broke up the soil a bit with the "real shovel". The dirt was surprisingly not frozen. It was, however, incredibly cold. So with icy, painful fingers, I received this bounty from the Lord. There are still plenty more out there. As long as temps are reasonable and there is snow to insulate those root veggies, I should be able to go out several more times.

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