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Nov 7, 2010

Our Trip "Down Under" week in review

"A queer country, so old that you walk on and on, there's a feeling comes over you that you are gone back to Genesis" - Australian bushman

G'day mates! Join us on our Expedition Australia!

Daily Objectives

Day 1: Where on earth is Australia?
Day 2: Some of the special places in Australia
Day 3: A bit of Australian history
Day 4: Cool things to know about Australia
Day 5: Fun and games in Australia

We especially loved learning about marsupials. Xavier wanted to get into my pouch! I was also excited to be able to use some of the information I learned from this unit to prepare for my Friday School class. This week, we learned about kangaroos. I had eight littles hopping all over the classroom like kangaroos. I always love to hear the grandiose ideas they come up with. "I can hop like a kangaroo 18 times around this room!" Three times around and they are wiped out. :)
Download N Go is a lapbooking/notebooking unit study series created by Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse. Intended for grades K-4, my 3.5 year old loves them as well! DNGs are formatted for a five day study, but with suggested reading and your family's favorite rabbit trails, it could easily expand well beyond that. They are bright and colorful and chock full of information. One thing I really like is the special DNG video page that youtube videos open up in. DNG units each have five daily objectives with components for a smart little lapbook, clickable links to videos and websites, vocabulary, history, geography and more.

I just spend an hour or so reading the introduction and searching our library's online catalog for some books. I print some sheets, depending on our needs for the week and do some cutting. The rest is done for me!

Expedition Australia is on sale right now for $5.95! Grab it at the sale price by November 8.

Over at the Download N Go blog, you can enter to win one of TWO political maps of Ausatralia from National Geographic! To enter the contest, just click over to the blog and leave a comment. You have until 9 PM EST on November 8. Good luck!

Still not convinced you *need* Expedition Australia? Check out the blog hop here.

***I was provided a free copy of Expedition Australia to use with my littles and write my honest review.***

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