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Nov 20, 2010


We took a fun trip to ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center with our Christian Friday School friends. We headed to Lake Champlain and had a GREAT morning.

This is in the lobby. I loved it, but I wondered how practical is it if you have to have "caution slippery when wet" signs up 24/7.We explored several kinds of alternative energy.
HydroWindSolar - the lights are actually lit, just dimly.
The littles LOVED the water obstacle course.In Discovery Place, Mal got *inside* the turtle aquarium through a tube up the bottom. Too bad the sneaky turtles were sitting on the platform on top!
The shipwreck.Ignore the red eyes. I haven't figured out how to get rid of them on the laptop.Even the resource room was fun.Here's what's on the menu at ECHO.We saw turtles and fish and frogs.
South American blue poison dart frog. So pretty. And unnatural looking!Madagascar's tomato frog.The North American Malachi frog.There was also a small dig to unearth a beluga whale skeleton. They took this job very seriously.

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