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May 27, 2009

Ye Olde Frogge Pond

We have a pond. We have frogs. sigh... The frogs are "expecting".

Freaks of Food.

I had to share the weird items we got from our trip to the grocery store this week.

Strange crunchy cheese doodles. They were large, misshapen, and hard as rocks. Some of them looked like starbursts. Half the bag is like that.A ginormous pickle packed neatly in the center of the jar. Surprise!

The Rock Quarry

We have a quarry in the backyard now. I thought it was time to put the boys to work and get them earning a living.

I took an old pool that had a few holes in it, drilled more holes for drainage and dumped three bags of pea gravel into it. Now the Littles can shovel, load and dump rocks to their hearts' content.

May 25, 2009


We have a pair of ducks here each spring for about a week. I think they enjoy our froggie and tadpole buffet. Then they disappear. I think they are afraid the frogs are going to get bigger and eat them!

Feeling Better

We were all pretty sick for a while.We're feeling better now. Mal figured out if you only untie two of the three ties on the tunnel, you get a cool ring.

Boys Day Out with Daddy.

The boys all took off for the day one day a couple of weeks ago. The house was eerily quiet. I loved it.

Hodge Podge Catch Up

Dave and Cass playing CandyLand with the Littles. Mal is loving this game. He caught on pretty quickly once he was ready. He is all about winning. Xav mainly moves his player randomly around on the board. He is pretty good about not moving other players.It got pretty windy here (as you could see in my last post). This is what our trees looked like.

Cool toothbrush covers I found for our trip. Happy covers for the Littles' musical Veggie Tales toothbrushes.
The Bigger on his TWENTY-FOURTH birthday. Where does the time go? He's eyeballing the strawberry cake with white frosting. I wanted to cover it with brown chicken and brown cow sprinkles. He ended up with brown cows, but the chickens were pastels. :D

May 14, 2009

A Bit Windy Here Today

I know you've all been dying for an update. Right? Rightrightrightright. I'll fill you in on some missed happenings, but first I wanted to share a few pics brought to you by the weather. Every time the wind gets whipping, I worry about our ginormous pine and cherry trees crushing the house or cars. Well, wouldn't you know, it wasn't our tree that came down today. A tree at Dave and Cassie's apartment came down and knocked out power, phone and internet for about 800 people.

Their apartment is on the second and third floor.
This one is our pond and yard. You can see all our little birch trees bending in the wind. The pond is pretty ripply too. I'm guessing the frogs stayed down below most of the day today since I didn't hear a peep. (ha! get it? peep? I crack me up!)