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May 25, 2009

Hodge Podge Catch Up

Dave and Cass playing CandyLand with the Littles. Mal is loving this game. He caught on pretty quickly once he was ready. He is all about winning. Xav mainly moves his player randomly around on the board. He is pretty good about not moving other players.It got pretty windy here (as you could see in my last post). This is what our trees looked like.

Cool toothbrush covers I found for our trip. Happy covers for the Littles' musical Veggie Tales toothbrushes.
The Bigger on his TWENTY-FOURTH birthday. Where does the time go? He's eyeballing the strawberry cake with white frosting. I wanted to cover it with brown chicken and brown cow sprinkles. He ended up with brown cows, but the chickens were pastels. :D

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