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Mar 10, 2009

More talky-talky

I always tell funny things that Mal says or give examples of how his speech is improving. I thought I'd give an update on Xavier. He is speaking pretty well for a just-turned-two year old boy. He refuses to call Mal by name though. His name is "Boy". I don't know why. Brother I could understand, but Boy not so much. He uses lots of word pairings to convey thoughts. If he wants to say something more sophisticated than "ball big", he uses several mini-sentences. For instance, if he wants to tell you daddy went in the house, he would say, "Daddy house. Daddy stairs. Daddy go." Everything is "lellow". If he tries to guess a color and he doesn't say lellow, he says, "pink, blue, green" with the hope that one of those guesses is correct.

It has been a lot of fun with the boys watching them grow and change. Xav is now only about 5 pounds less than Mal. Of course, he eats all the time. :D

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