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Dec 3, 2016

The Adventures of Earl and Hobbes

After the foot of snow we were gifted with last week, we've had some pretty decent weather.  The wind has been howling at night, but the days have been mild and in the high forties to mid-fifties.  Today, I went out to dig up another row of carrots from the garden.  The kittens have been dying to get outside and they sneak out every chance a slow moving child leaves the house.  I decided to take them out with me and they had a blast, checking out the empty chicken coop, the garden, crossing the crick, and climbing trees.

I had an awful time keeping Merrick from chasing them so they could just be curious kitties.  He called the outing The Adventures of Earl and Hobbes like it was an exciting TV show.  Earl is a much better climber than Hobbes, who can only get a couple feet off the ground before hopping down.  They both got their feet wet, which does not make them happy.  Within minutes of me heading back into the house, they were at the backdoor waiting to be let in where I gave them treats.

They spent the next four hours sound asleep.

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