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Nov 22, 2016

Our Family Grew By Two

I wanted to spell that "tew" so the rhyme would be spelled the same.  Alas, tew is a real word and it would definitely have changed the meaning!

Our kitty (God love him) is about 14 and he just isn't the mouser he used to be.  We were overrun with chipmunks this summer.  We had decided to get a new kitten, but, really how excited would a 14 year old male be about an adorable, playful kitten?  Not so much, right?  A friend from our homeschool co-op had a litter of three month old kitties all ready for a new domicile. We decided to get two.  They can bug each other and leave Stitchy alone. Mostly.  They were outdoor kittens, so love to be outside already.  They're in for the long winter while they grow and then they can head out there and chase some vermin in the spring.

Meanwhile, they're loving (and hating) all the attention from the punks.  They're playing with crinkly, feathery toys.  They get the kitty treats from time to time while we teach them to come when we call.  They're chasing the laser pointer.  They enjoy naps in my chair, of all places.

Meet Earl (Gray) and Hobbes.
 If there's a hiding place in the house,they've found it.  I can't tell you how many times we've gone looking for them!  The shelf under the kitchen table is a favorite.  I keep finding the history books I keep there on the floor.  They're acclimating well to spending all their time indoors right now.

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