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Jan 17, 2016

Bragging on My Boy

I know the Matthew 6:3 tells us "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."  If no one ever told of good deeds done, the world would seem a dark and scary place.  So, today, I want to brag on my little boy.

Xavier heard about a fire last spring in which some children lost their home, everything they owned, really.  His heart broke so much for those kids, he began to wonder what he could do to help other children in similar situations.  He devised a plan and I spoke with a friend of ours who works for the Red Cross.  Then we spoke to the local fire chief who also liked Xavier's idea.  By summer, we were shopping to see his plan come to fruition.

We thought that what these kiddos needed most was to be comforted and to have something new that was just for them.  I purchased six school backpacks on clearance for just $3.50 each.  Then we started collecting stuffed animals, fleece throw blankets, coloring books, and crayons for each bag.  As we were nearing Christmas and I started to really feel a need to finish up, I put the word out and three of my friends helped us complete EIGHT backpacks which even ended up including a picture or chapter book and a small puzzle or toy.  We are so grateful for each of the people who caught Xavier's vision and wanted to help him make it a reality. 

Sorting stuff for Xav's backpack project.
We recently took those backpacks to the fire station where the boys were treated to a tour, played on the fire trucks, and even rang the bell.  We learned how the toxic exhaust was sucked away from the trucks to keep the firemen safe in the truck bays.  Though Xavier's reward will be in Heaven, it didn't hurt to have a little treat here on earth.

When we left, Xav told the firefighters to let him know if they needed more backpacks.  One of the men said, "Hopefully, these will last us forever." 


If you think you would like to start something similar in your area, contact your local fire chief.


Megan Russell said...

This is a great idea, and I am going to do this with my kids. What a great way to serve others.

zekesmom10 said...

Great, Megan! I'm glad he inspired you.