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Nov 2, 2014

Family Toolbox ~ A Review

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Dr. Scott Turansky and Mrs. Joanne Miller, RN, BSN, started the National Center For Biblical Parenting in the 1990s.  NCBP uses a practical, heart-based, Biblical, approach to assist parents with child training.  The newest offering is The Family Toolbox.  I received a DVD and workbook set in exchange for my honest review.

Bribes and rewards may help achieve proper behavior, but they do not bring about changes in the heart.  This isn't a sustainable or practical parenting solution.
Correction is key to a heart change.

The DVD lessons are approximately 10 minutes of parent teaching to be viewed only by parents prior to viewing the shorter videos with your child or teen.  The video dramas convey family situations that are far too common in many homes today.  Together, you and your family evaluate these scenarios and brainstorm solutions for the topics.  Each of the eight lessons covers two Life Success Principles.  These principles truly are lessons for life.  As adults, these lessons will be invaluable.
  • The Heart - Being Respectful Even When It's Hard and Develop Internal Motivation.
  • Instructions - Develop Healthy Habits for Following Instructions and Look For Ways to Contribute to Family Life.
  • Handling Pressure - Solve Problems Instead of Generating Conflict and Instead of Sarcasm, Develop the Skills of a Peacemaker.
  • Correction - Learn to Value Correction and Apologize Well.
  • Responsibility - Develop a Plan for Being Responsible and Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes.
  • Accepting No - Train Yourself to Accept No as an Answer and Avoid Arguing.
  • Anger - View Your Family as a Team and Learn Self-Control to Manage Anger.
  • Consider Others - Practice Flexibility When Plans Change and Learn to Handle Unfairness Well.

The parent sessions are hosted by Gerardo Davila who reviews a clip with Dr. Turansky and Mrs. Miller and discusses the scenario and points out ways to help families involved in similar situations.  The Anger segment is great for parents who struggle in that cycle of escalating emotions.  "You're angry, I'm angry, now let's do a lot of yelling."  Anger is a sign of a problem, but it isn't a tool to find a solution.  Dr. Turansky and Mrs. Miller provide tools to help you remain calm and parent your children in a way that offers them hope and provides the reliability and boundaries they crave.

The paperback workbook contains a summary of each video lesson and discussion prompts.  Each segment is four pages.  The first page is for parents.  The other three pages are for discussion of the video and the Life Principles covered.

The discussions that come about through this are the most important part of the program.  While the video and workbook provide the guidance, you won't see results without meaningful discussion.  Try to watch the lessons with your children at a time when everyone is feeling relaxed and not rushed.  Find times throughout the week to consider what you have been doing, to notice how family members are trying to make adjustments in their interactions, and to praise their efforts.

I would have liked a discussion video directed at the children to go along with their clip.  But that may be just me.  I always want very specific "How do I...?" instruction and I think my children benefit in the same way.  This is a very good program and maybe hit a little close to home a few times, making this mama a bit uncomfortable.  I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to Christian families struggling to help their children navigate difficult emotions and situations while they are still at home and under our loving protection and care.

Intended for families with 10-18 year olds, I believe these DVD lessons are all suitable guides for families with younger children as well.  It's never too early to instill these values in our children.

$79.95 for download
$99.95 for physical DVD and workbook

I've purchased and was pleased with NCBP products before.  One year, for homeschool co-op, I taught Hero Training Camp Children's Curriculum.  Another thing on my wishlist is The Christian Parenting Handbook.

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