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Oct 29, 2014

Treasure Hunts ~ A Clued In Kids Review

Clued In Kids treasure hunts are so much fun!  I received the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt and the Multiplication Dragons series of math hunts for review.  These products are both printable PDF files, but Clued In Kids also has preprinted sets ready to mail.

Clued In KidsReview

This was one of those products I had previously looked at online and filed away in my mind for a "some day" product.

Clued In KidsReview

Multiplication Dragons ($19.99, ages 7+) consists of five full-length scavenger hunts, each with 12 clues.  Children use multiplication facts for X2 through X6 to solve the puzzle and find the treasure.

Clued In KidsReview

The Thanksgiving ($5.99, ages 4+) hunt consists of clues related to autumn and Thanksgiving.  We loved most of the riddles.  There were historical facts and even a physical activity they had to complete to earn the next clue.

There is a nice assortment of clues in each hunt.  The puzzles include word games, reading in a mirror, using math, and even knowing some history.  I wouldn't say the child doesn't even know he is learning, but I would say they are so much fun, he won't even care.

Set up takes less than 10 minutes.  An older child can even help with this.  It took just under an hour to complete our hunts.  I sorted the clues by room first, so I didn't have to run back and forth in clue order.

Answer keys are included.  They don't tell you the answers to the puzzles, but the complete answer.  You can figure it out from there if the kids get stuck on any.  My boys had an awful time with a couple negative numbers in the Thanksgiving hunt.

The treasure locations are places most families have; the mailbox, dishwasher, and clothes dryer.  Clues were easy to hide and all places the boys could figure out.

One thing I *really* liked, and maybe it's a throwback to the papercrafter in me, the printed hunts were dotted in the same place on every sheet which made the neat freak in me confident to run several sheets through the papercutter at once.

The hunts are sort of color coded, so it would have been difficult even for me to mix them all up.

Mal was really into the first hunt, but was a little less interested during other hunts.  Xav sort of took charge of completing the clues and I tried to get Mal to participate, but he was content to sit around and wait for Xav to find the treasure.  This may have irritated me some, but was certainly no reflection on the hunts.  Xav loved the mazes and the "mirror writing" best.  Merrick enjoyed the clues as well.  He would take a card after the big boys solved it, grab a pencil and scribble all over it, point at the illustration and count things, and then he would jump up and shout, "ah-ha!" and run off to look for the next clue.  I was so glad he didn't stumble onto any clues prematurely!

To settle the issue of Mal benefitting from Xav's efforts, I gave them each a hunt of their own to complete.  Since I had the Multiplication Dragons hunt which consisted of five different hunts, it was easy to do this without repeating a hunt.

There are hunts for seasons, some sports, and holidays.
  • Groundhog Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Easter
  • Earth Day
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
I was also surprised to see a hunt with a gluten-free theme as well as Happy Tummy for families using or considering a gluten-free, GAPS, paleo or elimination diet.

There's time right now to download and play the printable Halloween hunt!

Deciding what to use as treasure at the end of the hunt was also quite fun.  We went for an assortment of oddness; toothbrushes, Lego Mixels silly string, a card game, dragon water squirters for the tub...  Anything you have in your stash of small surprises, if you have something like that, would work.  Even a craft, one on one time with mom or dad, a family movie, or a special Christmas gift could be at the end of a treasure hunt.  I would love to hear in the comments what you have or would use as a treasure hunt prize.

Mal mentioned that he wished there had been more Lego treasure.  Xav chimed in out of the blue, "It's not just about getting treasures, Malachi.  It's about having fun and solving puzzles together."  Oh, the irony.

I plan to send a very unique Christmas card to some special nieces and nephews this year.  These scavenger hunts also make great birthday or slumber party, or playdate activities.

I also received one free full length treasure hunt just for signing up for the newsletter.  There is a free hunt with signup offer right now.  This summer, the newsletters have included several one-clue hunts as a surprise, a giveaway, and a couple of discount codes.

There's a puzzzlemaker on the website as well.  It's fun to play with, but you won't get the same eye catching treasure hunts that you can order.

Suitable for ages 4+ (actual age for each hunt varies)
For 1-10 children
  • Printable PDF hunts are $5.99 each, except Multiplication Dragons which is $19.99 for five hunts.
  • Clue Books are $8.99 each.
  • Gift in a Greeting Card - $9.95 each (Christmas or Halloween)
  • Three themed hunts and treasure in a treasure chest cost $24.99 each (Pirate or Princess)

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