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Mar 13, 2014

Jesus is the Light... Egglo Review

I've had the egg-citing opportunity, through The Schoolhouse Review Crew, to review several of Egglo Entertainment's super fun, God honoring Easter products.  Their glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs, Egg-cellent Easter Adventure story book and accessories always point children to the Light of the World - Jesus.  These products are intended to be used mostly with ages 4-13, but all ages can enjoy them.     

Egglo Review

Egglo Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs ($11.99)*
The glow eggs can be charged using various light sources.  The time needed for a full charge varies with each type of light.  The sun charges the eggs most thoroughly. The eggs come in a box of twelve and are blue, green, yellow, and pink.  The blue and green eggs each have a cross on them.

We charged these under a bulb and, even though our weather isn't often entirely cooperative, in the pseudo-sun of dreary, wintry Vermont.  While we did get a decent glow, it seems they last longer and are brighter under a full charge in the sun.  They shouldn't be hidden too far in advance of the Easter egg hunt.  We did charge them with regular lighting and use them in the tub (pictures below).  When I got up in the morning, they were sitting on the sink drying, glowing away.  I don't know if the nightlight was just enough to keep them going for 12 hours, or if they really did somehow hold the charge that long.

Closing the eggs up in a dark place, where they would lose their glow, was a reminder for us that we need to recharge in the light of Jesus.  I used this as a reminder for why Bible study is so important to us.

I let Merrick play with the eggs all afternoon one day.  At the end of the day, Micah said, "You let our boys play with them and none are broken?  Clearly, they didn't play with them long enough."  So I let all three have free access to the eggs all day.  They've been juggled, squeezed, drop, and "experimented" on.  While I won't swear the eggs are indestructible, I will say, the punks didn't break a single one!  (I, on the other hand, did break a half by stepping on it in my rush to attend to a pencil stab in the next room.  *ahem*  And WHY in the world do kids feel the need to stab themselves with a pencil?)

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book ($12.99)
Written by Darcie Cobos and illustrated by Golden Street Animation, this glossy, colorful, 38 page story tells the story of three children who are transported to several locations when they discover a magical, glowing egg.  Each egg in the book contains a clue to the next location and a Bible verse scroll.  Over time, the children are transformed from some pretty ill-behaved children to kind and cooperative team members.
Egglo Review

I admit, on my first read through of this book, I wanted to put it down and walk away.  I was so irritated by the children, and the fact that their parents didn't feel it was necessary to mention their inappropriate behavior to them, that I just didn't want to read it.  I knew in my mind that this poor behavior would be changed as the children learned about Jesus, but I just didn't feel like following through.  They really do shape up quickly.  It's OK to not like them at first.

The three characters learn to rely on God to calm their fears, put others before themselves, and listen to wise advice.  I was glad to finish the story and be able to look back at the transformations that took place while discussing their behavior with the boys. 

While it is considered an Easter adventure and culminates with an egg hunt, there was nothing about this book that would prevent it from becoming a regular read at any time of the year.

I left the book out, available for perusing at nearly any time.  Several times, I spied a boy curled on the couch or sprawled on the floor near the heater reading or looking at this bright, engaging book.  The paperback book has also held up well to frequent use and occasional misuse.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure audio download ($2.99)
Nearly 30 minutes long, this MP4 audio of The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is narrated by Dick Wells, a pleasant sounding gentleman.  While this isn't an audio drama, the narrator is quite animated and held everyone's attention.  The quality is clear.  A chime marks every page turn for your pre-readers.  Xavier really liked this feature.  There are a LOT of words on some pages of the book and he would definitely not follow along with the words while being read to.  He loves the pictures and would much rather look at those.  The audio file will be a great addition to our looooong car trips to visit grandparents.

Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.29)
One dozen little plastic scrolls based on verses which point to Jesus and to God's love.  Reminding us to keep our eyes on The Light of the World.  I liked that they are not paper, so aren't as likely to tear.  The scrolls can be placed in the eggs during your Easter egg games.  Xav loved rolling and unrolling them.  Too bad he isn't coordinated enough to get the tiny rubber band back around them when he is done. 

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide ($14.99)
This 62 page PDF will give you everything you need to plan the perfect Easter adventure for your family, friends, or church group.  This thorough guide provides ideas for snacks, decorations, and  activities, and comprehension questions for the suggested Bible reading and the book.  The bulk of the guide has printable invitations, crosses and scrolls to cut out.  If you are looking for Easter game ideas, this is a good resource.

Some of the other ways we've used Egglo Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Eggs included printing and hiding these hearts in the eggs, this spring wreath, and a fun glow bath.

Look for the "sign up for free egglo stuff!" button on the website to receive the Egglo scavenger hunt to use in your own home, with clues like "The LORD provides food for those who fear Him. He remembers His covenant forever (Psalm 111:5)." which would lead the hunters to the refrigerator where they would find the next egg.  You will also receive coloring pages, character cutouts (which could be used to play a memory game), and a special Why Jesus Came scroll.

Xav loves to color, so he will really enjoy the character coloring pages that are in the Program Guide. 

I recommend Egglo Entertainment's glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs, book and accessories for your next Children's Ministry Easter egg hunt, for your family, for friendly get togethers, and for your co-op.  There are so many projects, games, and other ways to use these versatile products.

Egglo Eggs partners with ministries here and abroad, including Dayspring Educational Training Centre in Uganda.

*Retail prices listed.  Several products are currently on sale.

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