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Mar 15, 2012

Band of Brothers

The first time Mal and Xav got to see their new brother.

Can't really spend the whole time looking at a boring baby.

Xav is super excited to be a big brother!

All four of my baby sons. {LOVE}

Christmas Love

The best thing about our Christmas...

December Activities

Daddy finished the nursery with some "help" from the littles. I put cute safari animal knobs on the armoire.

We took some photos for our Christmas cards.

The new carseat had this warning. I had to laugh that there is a need to tell people to NOT put the carseat in the driver's seat. That should be perfectly safe since you can't drive the car anywhere with that placement!

We heard about the Build and Grow Clinics at Lowe's. Daddy took each boy to one and brought the project home for the other boy to make. This is Mal working on the coal tender for the Christmas train.
We headed to the Boston Post Dairy and the boys were given gingerbread men to decorate while I browsed the store. For the record, I bought goat milk soap and three kinds of chevre.

Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa. Surprisingly (or not), both boys asked for trains.

I have no idea why Xav was writing left handed...

Halloween 2011

Carving Pumpkins

Our astronaut and cowboy. {{{LOVE}}}

Trek Through Our Woods

This was a wonderful walk we had last fall with the boys.

Mar 7, 2012


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Mar 6, 2012


It was January 15th last time I wrote a blog post. As if I wasn't too far behind already, I was admitted to the hospital the next day to deliver Merrick. Another weeks early baby. A good, strapping son.
January 17, 2012
8 pounds, 10.5 oz

He spent an entire week in the nursery fighting to keep his bilirubin down. It seemed forever before he responded to treatment, but I thanked God he didn't need to be sent to the NICU at a bigger hospital. I was allowed to stay in my room the entire time as well. Such a blessing. Daddy held down the fort at home

I only left once that week, just to spend some time with Xavier on his fifth birthday.

My mom came out near the end of that week and helped out with laundry and dishes and monsters during my first week home.

Though we had some upsetting moments, I was so glad not to have a repeat of Malachi's delivery and NICU stay. Love you, my little glow worm.