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Mar 6, 2012


It was January 15th last time I wrote a blog post. As if I wasn't too far behind already, I was admitted to the hospital the next day to deliver Merrick. Another weeks early baby. A good, strapping son.
January 17, 2012
8 pounds, 10.5 oz

He spent an entire week in the nursery fighting to keep his bilirubin down. It seemed forever before he responded to treatment, but I thanked God he didn't need to be sent to the NICU at a bigger hospital. I was allowed to stay in my room the entire time as well. Such a blessing. Daddy held down the fort at home

I only left once that week, just to spend some time with Xavier on his fifth birthday.

My mom came out near the end of that week and helped out with laundry and dishes and monsters during my first week home.

Though we had some upsetting moments, I was so glad not to have a repeat of Malachi's delivery and NICU stay. Love you, my little glow worm.

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