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Jul 28, 2012

May - Maine and a birthday

Christian Friday School graduation was warm.  It seems like graduations are always hot and sticky.  It's *May*.  It shouldn't be that hot yet.  But it's always a joy to have time together with the Friday School families without worrying about classes and running araound.  I like to "do the chatting" with the other Moms.  This is a Mal's eye view of graduation.

Our Friday School trip this year was to Acadia National Forest in Maine.  We took an extra day to visit with Micah's college friends, Mat and Jen.  Mat wowed the boys with his model steam train.  That train turned out to be their favorite part of the whole trip!

We really enjoyed exploring the mud flats and tidal pools with our ranger guides.  It was a gorgeous day.

Merrick had his first bath in the tub.  He is just too big for the kitchen sink!

We were thinking he might end up being a redhead.

The boys signed a birthday card for Dave and I had to laugh when I saw what they wrote.  Completely unprompted and unassisted, Mal let Dave know that he loves him.  Xavier signed his name in "wizard writing" which just means curly letters.  He picked that up watching Disney's The Sword and the Stone.

Sharing this shot of Xav, just because he is adorable.

Yard clean up is still moving along.  Micah takes such great care of our home and yard.  I am so blessed to have this family.

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