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Feb 20, 2011

Expedition Ireland Week in Review

“Ocean before,
the summer sky above
Who could portray
the mountains’ purple smiles—
And all the opal hues
of earth and heaven,
Foam fringing forests,
heather-tufted isles.”
From Songs of Killarney,
by Alfred Perceval Graves, 1914

Expedition Ireland's five daily objectives were:
Day 1: Where on Earth is Ireland?
Day 2: The Places of Ireland
Day 3: A Bit of History
Day 4: Cool Things to Know About Ireland
Day 5: Fun and Games in Ireland

We learned about a different, interesting geographic location in Ireland each day, like the Giant's Causeway. We also studied animals from Ireland. I thought the Galway sheep were neat. We just loved the look of them. We learned some Irish words, as well. As I write this, I can also tell you it is currently much warmer in Dublin, Ireland than it is in Vermont! Mid-forties sound glorious right now, even if it is raining. We watched videos of Celtic Dancers and learned about St. Patrick. Maybe we even supplemented this week's DNG with a Veggie Tale version of the story of St. Patrick. :)

As usual, we really enjoyed this Download N Go. The expeditions are always a treat. Well planned and thorough, I highly recommend Download N Go.

Download N Go is a lapbooking/notebooking unit study series created by Amanda Bennett. Intended for grades K-4, my four year old loves them as well! DNGs are formatted for a five day study, but with suggested reading and your family's favorite rabbit trails, it could easily expand well beyond that. They are bright and colorful and chock full of information. One thing I really like is the special DNG video page that youtube videos open up in. DNG units each have five daily objectives with components for a smart little lapbook, clickable links to videos and websites, vocabulary, history, geography and more.

I just spend an hour or so reading the introduction and searching our library's online catalog for some books. I print some lapbook sheets, depending on our needs for the week and do some cutting. The rest is done for me!

See what other families have to say about Download N Go's Expedition Ireland on the blog hop.

***I was provided a copy of Expedition Ireland to use with my family in exchange for my honest review.***

Through tomorrow, Monday the 21st, four unit studies will be priced at just $5 each. Choose from the Gardens and Flight four week studies (normally $10.95) or DNG's Expedition China and Goofy Geckos (normally $7.95). $5 days.

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