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Feb 26, 2010

The Day I Had a Heart Attack

According to the weather report, we were supposed to get what amounted to several feet or more of snow from the middle of the week through the weekend. Overnight Tuesday it looked like we were going to have that storm. We ended up with maybe 10 inches of snow by Wednesday morning. It was heavy and wet snow and the temps warmed up quite a bit by midday. Surprisingly, we haven't really had any more snow until just a few minutes ago, so I don't foresee much accumulation. It could happen, it is still February in Vermont after all.

Anyhoo, the boys and I were out playing in the snow when the roof let go of its load right on top of Xavier. He is fine, but he went for quite a tumble. I also am quite sure I had a heart attack. I am old after all. There is nothing like seeing your baby bowled across the yard by an avalanche of roof snow to get your heart pumping! He was buried, horizontally, up to his neck. I quickly dug him out and handed him off to Daddy for some rest and a warm up, and a quick check. After making sure Mal was OK (he was sledding nearby) I dug Xav's boots out of the snow where he got pulled out of them. He was so angry. He really wanted his boots so he could stay outside and play. Then I just broke down and thanked God that he was OK. Man, it is tough being a parent sometimes.

If you want to see video of the yard and car and buried BOOTS!, click here.


{Simply} Heather said...

I can only imagine how your -da-da-da-da- "SUPER MOM" role came into play, Jodi.

I fear that happening every time we've had any accumulation with our roof at the pitch is has. VERY high and that snow comes down fiercely. Our doggy girl hides somewhere in the house and won't go out when the roof throws snow at her...she's scared that the sky is falling :)

Glad that everyone is okay.

bubbles said...

yikes! so glad everyone is okay!!