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Sep 12, 2009

Sterling Renn Faire 2009

Have not been in so long. I love this place. Even if it was about 100 stinking degrees. :P
Had a way longer drive than it should have been, but got to the hotel and had a good swim. Mal LOVED the pool. Xavier wasn't too fond of it. He spent his evening dangling his feet in the hot tub nearby or throwing a beach ball into the pool for mommy and daddy to chase.
Sleep tight.I love this picture. The boys were checking out the view Sunday morning.What they saw.We had a great breakfast of fruit, yogurt, danish, donuts, waffles, cereal. You name it, they probably had it. Yum! M got to use the treadmill in their gym.

At the Renn Faire.
M throwing an axe. He had to wear one of the groovy hats they had at each station!The falconry show was great! I love that they moved it to the jousting field.Uncle Jake and Xav playing while we rest in the shade and Mal naps nearby.Excuse me, sir? Could you turn your head around?Thank you. That's better.In all the years I have attended the faire, I have *never* seen anything quite like this. This guy is a baby. He wanders around calling for his mummy and deddy and drooling all over the place. A tiny bit disturbing and disgusting.Here's her majesty Queen Elizabeth. Lord Robert Dudley stands nearby.

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