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Apr 9, 2009

Still in NY

I have a few pics to share.

Here are a couple of cards my mother and I made for my friend Twisti McG. Sounds like a cool rapper name, doesn't it? She's just a cool beautician. Mom is a sticker kinda girl, so this was a stretch for me. I did scrounge around and find a stamp to use as a background. That made me feel a little bit better. :D

Here are the boys beating the snot out of each other at my Mom's.

Here they are playing at my dad's. Xavier bumped his head.

This trip is the first time Xav has been in a "big boy" bed. Believe it or not, he has NEVER tried to climb out of the crib. Or gotten his legs stuck between the bars like Mal used to do.

This last picture is just for M.


Linda said...

Your boys are SO.CUTE!

And look at you getting your crafty on! Stickers are good!

Beaver crossing *insert wide-eyed shocked look* Wait 'til the girls see that one...

karen r said...

cute pictures & good on the crafting! :o)

i'm so glad they made the distinction that they are 4-legged beavers crossing...otherwise i guess it would have been "beavers xxx", right? :oP