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Dec 23, 2008

It's Still Funny

Despite months of our best efforts, we can't manage to teach Mal any new jokes. He keeps falling back on his favorite. I guess it's his tried and true.

Knock. Knock.
Who's there?
Owen who?
Oh when the saints go marching in...

This "hysterical" joke is usually followed by much stomping of the feet and uproarious laughter.

On another note, Xavier is learning new words pretty regularly. Probably no one can understand him but me though. He got some glitter on his fingers from a Christmas card we received and told me he was "barkly" (sparkly). We received a Nemo Christmas card last night. Xav said "Memo" and spent 20 minutes kissing the card. He loves that little fish and I cannot remember the last time we watched that movie.

We signed the forms to go ahead with Mal's evaluations today also. That should be completed by the third week in January.

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