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Jun 11, 2012

Self Portraits and the Pox - April

Mal loves to get his hands on the camera.  I often transfer pictures to my computer and find a few shots he has taken of himself. 

All the boys had the pox this month, including Merrick.  They all took it pretty well.  The baby didn't even get sick.

Growing boy.  {{LOVE}}

Lego creations.

Third tooth gone!

Jun 2, 2012


Monkey and Monkey's Daddy had birthdays.  {love}  Mal is seven.  It's hard to believe.  He chose a confetti cake, but of course he wouldn't eat it.  He had a donut instead.

Merrick started enjoying his bath.

And tummy time.

We made a goody basket for the wonderful nurses who made our week long stay at the birthing center more bearable.  They are a fantastic group of ladies.


Let's see.  We celebrated Groundhog's Day.

We finally got some decent snow.

Merrick grew.

The boys made butter (and buttermilk).

Xav and I tried this easy "fudge" made from chocolate and mint chips with frosting.  It was quite good.

Mal was raptured.  Or Obi Wan Kenobied.

Xav Turns Five

Becoming a big brother right before your fifth birthday can be wonderful.  It can also mess up the week like crazy.  Merrick was born 5 days before Xav's big day, but spent an entire week in the hospital nursery.  The only time I went ANYWHERE that whole time was the few hours I spent with my family and my visiting mother for Xavier's party.  He, of course, chose chocolate cake.  He always chooses chocolate.  :)